15 Legit Work at Home Jobs

In search of a real online job? We have here 15 legit work-at-home jobs that you will love.

How about a real, full-time job you can do from home, not just something that will pay you a few bucks an hour (like taking surveys)?

There will likely be15 legit work-at-home jobs distinct career paths open to you.





What Is A Job Online?

Before we look at the 15 legit work at home jobs, let us know what working at home means.

Any opportunity that enables you to earn a full-time income online falls within our definition of an online job.

The numerous legal ways to earn extra money from home without doing so on a full-time basis are not included in our list.

The most popular of these are being paid to watch videos, play games, and complete online surveys.

These options can help you make a few hundred dollars a month, but they aren’t actually remote employment.

15 Legit Work at Home Jobs

Here are the 15 legit work at home jobs that you should try.

1. Bookkeeping

Average Salary Highest Earners



Most business owners rank bookkeeping as their absolute least favorite part of running their company.

Obviously, this is a vital duty for the continued success and viability of any organization.

If you have a head for figures and want to make a solid living, this is the field for you.

As your area of expertise expands, you’ll also have more chances to command greater hourly rates.

Bookkeeping, like proofreading, can be done without formal training or accreditation.


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2. Creating and Editing Videos

Average Salary Highest Earners
$21/Hour $75+/Hour

Video editing software is another online trend that is growing in popularity.

Experienced video editors are in high demand, and the more specialized you are, the more you may expect to earn each hour.

Indeed, LinkedIn’s yearly study on the most in-demand hard skills lists video creation as a top-10 specialty.

The work you do will serve as your resume, so there is no need to get certified to enter the field of video editing.

Consequently, if you produce a few quirky, experimental videos, you can quickly increase your chances of being hired or hired as a freelancer.

 3. Stock Photography

Average Salary Highest Earners

$18/Hour $50/Hour

Websites, client presentations, and other business materials benefit greatly from high-quality stock photography.

If you enjoy taking pictures, even with your phone, you can make money by selling your work on stock photo websites.

Per photograph sold, you can expect to make between 20 and 50 cents.

The plan is to sell several different photographs and collect daily royalties.

This means that selling stock photos can be a very lucrative source of passive income, as you can earn money repeatedly for the same job.


4. Voiceover Artist

Average Salary Highest Earners

$21/Hour $300+/Hour

Voice acting is the practice of utilizing one’s voice to bring a character or story to life from a screenplay.

Because of the scarcity of people with this expertise, the going pay in the United States is as high as $300 for the first hour (and between $200 and $350 for each additional hour).

Statistics Department of Beauru.

Commercials, videos, and audiobook narration are just some of the many places you may find employment as a voice actor.

This can be done from the comfort of your own home with just a few hundred dollars’ worth of tools.


5. Technical Writing

Average Salary Highest Earners

$20/Hour $75+/Hour

Technical writing can be a lucrative side gig for those with an insatiable appetite for knowledge who aren’t scared of taking on the most complex subjects.

Those interested in this career would benefit greatly from, but are not required to have, a bachelor’s degree.

User manuals and other forms of documentation will fall within your purview as a technical writer.

Not only is it one of the best areas for freelance writers to specialize in, but it also offers exciting opportunities for those who enjoy research.

6. Virtual Assistant

Average Salary Highest Earners
$15/Hour $50+/Hour

For a long time, the general public considered virtual assistants to be low-wage workers in developing countries who could be relied upon to undertake routine administrative duties.

As a result, the current fad is not to hire a VA for $5 an hour but rather to get the best VA you can find, someone who will truly benefit your company.

As a result, companies of all sizes are prepared to offer much higher salaries to attract and retain the best talent.

So, as a remote executive assistant, you won’t be stuck doing mundane tasks for a rich boss.

General responsibilities of VAs include:

  • Responding to electronic mail.
  • Handling one’s online social networks.
  • Making plans for future meetings.
  • It is possible for some virtual assistants to make well into the six figures by taking on many clients.

7. Blogging

Wide Disparity between Low- and High-Level Earnings


Writing online was once considered a pastime. But the landscape of online media has changed.

The internet has made it possible for everyone from established publishers to stay-at-home moms with a blog to make a living.

As an example, I began writing on this site in 2016, and because of its success, I quit the job I’d held for ten years.

Blogging has great potential but also a high learning curve.

8. Freelance Writing

Paid Training Paid Experience



I have found that freelancing is one of the best ways to get some extra money.

Despite a slow start, I managed to increase my hourly rate to well over $100 within a year.

Because of the rise of content marketing, it’s also a skill that’s in high demand.

Online writing gigs often pay between $10 and $20 per hour at first.

However, as your experience and reputation grow, you will be able to charge much more (and even make six figures a year).

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9. Website Design

Average Salary Highest Earners



Employment for web designers has been above average for some time, and this trend is projected to continue for the foreseeable future.

There are a lot of high-quality, no-code design platforms available that make it possible for beginners to develop stunning websites without having any prior knowledge with traditional coding (which they can charge a premium for).

In reality, prior to launching this platform, I worked as a no-code designer for hire (using Unbounce).

Over on Upwork, I was able to charge over $150 an hour.

Learning to use one of the numerous accessible no-code platforms in-depth will help you launch a successful freelance career.


 10. Graphic Design

Average Salary, Highest Earners

$26/Hour, $75+/Hour

Graphic design is a fantastic career option for all you creative types out there.

As mobile devices replace desktop computers as the major means of accessing the web, we see an increase in visual content.

The most successful and well-paid graphic designers are those who integrate several other disciplines into their work.

Many graphic designers can earn more than $100 an hour because of their expertise in areas such as brand management, sales, and direct response marketing.


11. Coding (Developing And Programming)

Average Salary Highest Earners

$40/Hour $125+/Hour

Coders are in high demand (i.e., developers and programmers).

While a background in computer science is helpful, many people are entering the field as a second career choice even if they do not have any technical training.

There are now dozens of coding bootcamps that can take you from zero to hero in a matter of weeks.

These are short, intensive programs that create expertise in a certain coding ability.

This, like many other jobs on this list, can be done either full-time for a large corporation or part-time for smaller clients via freelance platforms like Upwork.


12. Sales Copywriting

Average Salary Highest Earners



Ability to write persuasively in writing is the essence of copywriting.

You can put this talent to use both online (through banners and landing pages) and off (via direct mail and personal meetings) (in things like sales letters and brochures).

Since there is a current shortage of competent copywriters, the prospects are excellent once you’ve proven your worth.


13. Social Media Manager

Average Salary Highest Earners



Many company leaders just don’t have the bandwidth to keep their social media channels fresh and active, let alone reply quickly to client inquiries received through these channels.

It’s for this reason that a growing number of companies are advertising for social media managers.

It’s true; the BLS predicts a 6% increase in demand for social media marketing managers between now and 2029.

If you have the skills to publish, curate, and manage content across social media platforms, you can start taking on clients immediately.

However, the real money may be made by mastering the art of sponsored advertising through channels like Facebook ads.

Businesses rely on new client leads, and if you can distribute adverts to the proper people using techniques like micro-targeting, you may charge a high rate for your services.


14. Search Engine Optimization

Average Salary Highest Earners



Optimization for search engines (SEO) is a method of increasing a website’s visibility in search results (primarily via Google searches).

In fact, search engine optimization was ranked as the top hard skill for marketers to acquire in a recent study conducted by Microsoft.

Having previously overseen local SEO initiatives, I can attest to the abundance of seemingly easy wins that can be had.

Consequently, a company can benefit greatly from even the most fundamental application of SEO best practices, which can result in substantial financial gains.

As a result, you can confidently set a high hourly or project rate.

Here’s some more info: One’s own experience is the finest teacher when it comes to search engine optimization.

I was able to educate myself about search engine optimization (SEO) by creating a blog and experimenting with various approaches.

Having concrete examples of past accomplishments helped me find clients and command a premium rate of pay for my services.


15. Marketing Automation Specialist

Average Salary Highest Earners



Microsoft includes automation as one of the most critical hard skills for marketers, and there is a great opportunity for beginners to get involved.

The popularity of online marketing automation tools like Ontraport and HubSpot continues to soar, and new tools are constantly being developed.

Aweber, Convert Kit, and MailChimp are a few more.

If you take the time to become certified in your field, you can quickly increase your hourly wage from $60 to $100.

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