Best Truck Driving Schools in Canada

Best Truck Driving Schools in Canada-Yes many look down on truck drivers, but seeing that Canada is one of the fastest growing economy in the world truck driving is the great jobs here in Canada because good and service needs to be carried from one place to and other for commercial activities to take and also the movement of properties from a province to another province in Canada and to some neighboring countries.

Canada employs nothing less than 300,000 individuals, for both private truck activities and also drivers for hire. Many who like being self-employed and are driven by goals the trucking industry in Canada can be appealing.

Facts About Trucking Industry in Canada

Reports was given by Canadian trucking alliance that Canada trucking industry is approximately worth $65 billion and have over 260,000 drivers and more than 400,000 people are employed in total. While in the United States of America this same truck industry make revenue of approximately $650 billion annually. That is like 5% percent of the GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT (GPD) in America.

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The truck driving is one of the key enabler of trades between United States of America and Canada. 80% and more of all the exports made from USA to Canada are moved by trucks. In Canada, laws set I n place to avoid tired in drivers which permits drivers to only drive 13 hours in a day and 8 hours of is requires, because it has been proven that fatigue in drivers is what have cause a lot of truck accidents in not just Canada but the world at large.

The days in the truck can be long. So most of the drives like to only drive in the daylight this making them to wake very early and they retire for the day when the sun goes down. On the other hand some prefer to drive throughout the night cause of the less traffic on the road. Base on your delivery arrangement or schedule you would be made to choose which you prefer, provided you are still following the company’s regulations.

In Canada truck drivers are paid hourly if you are a short distance driver and paid per mile for a long distance driver. See that the truck industry is a big plus to Canada economy the society solely rely on them in a way. Now many purchase goods and these goods are being delivered to their homes, offices and critical goods delivered to businesses across Canada.


If you are to carry or lift minimum weight while loading the truck or unloading the truck you will be told before you start the job to know if you can be physically able. The top three transported goods in Canada are furniture, clothing, and food.

List of the Best Truck Driving Schools in Canada

  • Ace Truck Driver Training Ltd
  • AGDP Truck Driving School
  • Alberta Truck Training & Driver Education Inc
  • Breton Commercial Truck Training
  • Capilano Truck Driver Training Institute
  • CCA Truck Driver Training Ltd
  • Class 1A Truck Driver Training Ltd
  • Derek Brown’s Calgary Truck Driving School
  • Donovan’s Driver Education LTD
  • Edmonton Truck Training
  • Final Remarks on Truck driving Schools in Canada
  • Globe Driving Academy
  • High-Grade Truck Driving
  • Jonas Truck Driving School
  • Maple Truck Training
  • Montréal Heavy Vehicles Training Center
  • National Truck Driving School Downtown MTL.
  • Nirmal Truck Driving Skills Ltd.
  • Overdrive Truck Driver Training
  • Protruckers Driving Academy
  • RightLane Driver Training – Bedford
  • Skyways Truck Driving School
  • Top Gear Truck Driver Training
  • Trans-Canada Car, Truck & Bus Driving School Montreal
  • W.T. Safety Truck Driving School
  • Wild Rose Academy of Driving Inc.

Best Truck Driving Schools In Canada

  • Protruckers Driving Academy

It is located at 1809 19 St NE, Calgary, AB T2E 1E7. This is one of the top truck schools in Canada. It provides a number of 1, 3 and 5 classes for driving lessons.

This truck driving school is recognized by the Alberta transportation which makes government fund some of its students in trucking classes. Protruckers Driving Academy has always made students come back for more due to their simplicity in teaching and flexibility driving training schedules which students most times design it.

For more information on Protruckers Driving Academy visit:

  • Top Gear Trucking Driver Training

It is located at 122 Buckle Ave, Saskatoon, SK S7M 4H5, Saskatchewan province, Canada. It is one of the best and also a top-notch truck driving school in Canada. Top gear trucking driver training has been able to give the best training for over 20years.

  • It provides the following:
  • Minibuses, Bus and coaching training Courses
  • Driver CPC Training
  • LGV / HGV driver training
  • Medicals and company for driver’s assessments

For more information on Top Gear Trucking Driver Training visit:

  • Globe Driving Academy

It is located at 9777 Enterprise way SE Calgary, AB. Over the years it as proven to be one of the best truck driving schools in Canada.

Professional training for class 1 license, for Calgary, Okotoks , high river and Nanton residents.

There are training programs offered in globe driving academy, there are:

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  • Class 1 training
  • Class 3 training
  • Class 5 training
  • Air brake course
  • Truck driving school
  • Defensive driving

For more information on Global driving academy visit:

  • Skyways Truck Driving School

It has branches located at CA92345 and 15238 Arrow Blvd, Hesperia, Fontana CA 92335, Smoketree St respectively. This truck driving school happens to be one of the top truck driving schools in Canada.

Skyways truck driving school teaches and guide students on how to drive even in the most dangerous roads, from cold condition (winter) and also in desert areas. It provides drivers with the full training to becoming a professional truck driver with four (4) weeks.

For more information on skyway trucking school visit:

  • Rightlane Driver Training

It is located in Bedford, Canada. Over the years it has been ranked among the best truck driving schools in Canada. It was established 24years ago in Riverview, New Brunswick.

Rightlane Driver Training truck driving school also provides students in:

  • Class training in graduated license system
  • Rules,role, responsibilities and laws of the road
  • Traffic control devices
  • Pre-drive inspection
  • Trip planning
  • Vehicle ownership and maintenance
  • Laws of physics
  • Safety technology
  • Stopping distance and adverse conditions and emergencies.

For more information on Rightlane Driving Training visit:

  • Capilano Truck Driver Training Institute

It is located at 4715 92 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6B 2J4, Canada. It is one of the best truck driving schools in Edmonton to have helped trained 45,000 students with more than 35,000 of their students being satisfied with the training they received. They offer both online and in-person classes depending on your choice as a student.

The courses offered at this truck driving school include:

  • Cargo securement
  • Class I melt training
  • P.D.I.C defensive driving
  • Driver evaluation
  • Air brake courses
  • Oil field drivers awareness programs
  • Long combination vehicles

For more information on Capilano Truck Driver Training Institute

  • Donovan’s Driver Education LTD

It is located at 12847-56 street Edmonton, AB T5A 0C9. It is one of the best truck driving schools in Canada. They also train students on how to drive tractors and trailers equipped with ABS brakes.  It offers training in

  • Class 1
  • Class 3
  • Air breaks courses

They have major focus also in safety and responsible driving and this is one of the reasons they are also popular.

For more information on Donovan’s Driver Education LTD visit:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What provinces are best known to have the best truck drivers?

There are some provinces in Canada that has been most demanded by many individuals over the years. They are:

  • AlbertaBritish ColumbiaNova ScotiaOntarioSaskatchewan


  • How long does it take to be a professional truck driver in Canada?

It takes a number four (4) weeks to become a professional truck driver in Canada depending on your choice of enrollment.

  • What are the highest truck paying companies in Canada?

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Based on 2019 ranking we will name a few of the best truck driving companies. They are:

  • TFI internationalCanadian National TransportationMullen GroupDay &RossTrimac


Final Note

We have shown you the best truck driving school is Canada and their achievement over the years. Just pick one close to where you reside in Canada and enroll.

We have also shown you that truck drivers earn in per hours and miles and trucking industry as promote and add immensely to the growth of Canada’s economy.

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