High-Paying Job Opportunities for International Students

It is really rather common for businesses and job markets to welcome candidates without college degrees, either on a part-time or even full-time basis. When looking for work, a college student is probably thinking about jobs whose schedules and responsibilities won’t conflict with their academic pursuits.

You may discover a wide range of occupations that give experience, skill development, and a stable income for college students who want or need to work while they study. About 20 careers that you may pursue while still enrolled in college are included in this article.


Main responsibilities: A barista work in a coffee shop, include taking orders, preparing beverages, collecting payment, and distributing finished goods.

Additional responsibilities include setting up the dining area, replenishing supplies, greeting guests, telling them about specials, promotions, and discounts, and changing the interior and exterior signs to draw in new business.

National average salary: $28,253 per year

Teaching assistant

Main responsibilities: A teaching assistant assists professors with course preparation, classroom setup, and delivery of instruction. Additional duties include helping to record attendance, maintaining grade-books, grading assignments, monitoring students during exams, and enforcing regulations. Hiring preferences are likely to go to students studying in relevant fields.

National average salary: $27,896 per year

Research assistant

Main responsibilities: Working in a lab, university, or any other place where research projects are carried out, a research assistant’s duties include conducting research and creating a summary of the results, creating progress reports, creating interview questions, and summarising findings. Research assistants may also create research budgets. Students pursuing related sciences will probably find this position suitable.

National average salary: $45,249 per year

Library assistant

Main responsibilities: A library assistant supports a librarian in running a collection. In addition to helping customers find books, they are in charge of checking books in and out of the library, registering new patrons, cataloguing, sorting, and storing books according to categories.

National average salary: $36,614 per year


Main responsibilities: A bartender works at a bar or restaurant as barman serves patrons beverages. Their main responsibilities are communicating with customers, receiving their orders, preparing those items, and serving those orders. In addition to making drinks and serving meals, bartenders can replenish supplies. Bartenders must check IDs to confirm that customers are of legal drinking age and that they are competent to assess patrons’ degrees of drunkenness since bars provide alcoholic beverages. Serving alcohol from an open container to anybody younger than 21 is illegal in several places.

National average salary: $39,458 per year


Main responsibilities: A teller is a person who works for a bank and handles various cash and check transactions, including transfers, deposits, withdrawals, and money orders. Obtaining payment from clients, keeping track of paperwork, addressing client concerns, and confirming information given at the counter are all part of their responsibilities.

National average salary: $37,910 per year

Campus Representative

Main responsibilities: It is the duty of a campus representative to spread knowledge about the organisation they represent on a college campus. They are responsible for designing material for flyers and posters about their company’s offerings that they will distribute on campus, as well as for sample distribution, event planning, and other marketing-related tasks. The product’s website and social media communities may also need to be managed by university personnel.

National average salary: $39,304 per year 

Resident advisor

Main responsibilities: In a dorm, a resident adviser keeps an eye on things and makes sure everyone is safe. In addition to giving information on new housing policies and serving as a liaison between residents and housing officials, their duties also include ensuring that tenants follow the building’s laws and regulations. New residents are also greeted, checked in, and given help as needed by resident advisers.

National average salary: $38,398 per year

Dog walker

Main responsibilities: Dogs are brought outside for exercise and socialization by a dog walker, who picks them up from their houses. The dogs’ rigorous schedules, safety, feeding, and watering needs, as well as picking up after them, are within their purview.

National average salary: $32,101 per year 

Delivery service driver

Main responsibilities: Delivering packages to clients is the responsibility of a delivery service driver. Food or retail orders may fall under this category. In addition to resolving complaints, taking care of payments, evaluating orders prior to and following delivery, and keeping track of delivery-related paperwork including receipts and delivery notes are all part of their responsibilities. Most driving positions call for a spotless driving record.

National average salary: $54,198 per year 

Administrative assistant

Main responsibilities: The typical office duties of an administrative assistant include scheduling meetings and appointments, preparing meeting spaces, organising paperwork, organising business travel, and taking phone calls. In addition, they have research responsibilities, meeting note keeping, and minute transcription.

National average salary: $40,052 per year


Main responsibilities: Content is produced by bloggers and posted on blogs. Researching the subjects they write about, revising and reviewing their writing, and posting the finished product to the blog are all their responsibilities. Along with performing search engine optimisation for the website, they also moderate and reply to comments.

National average salary: $37,062 per year 

Brand ambassador

Main responsibilities: To raise sales and brand recognition, a brand ambassador markets the company. As part of their main responsibilities, they also develop marketing plans and campaigns, inform merchants and consumers about the brand’s offerings, cover product debuts and other press conferences, and gather customer input. Content creators for social media and brand websites are also brand ambassadors.

National average salary: $47,329 per year 


Main responsibilities: After hearing recorded files, a transcriptionist records them on paper. A transcriber is another name for someone who works with professionals like journalists, physicians, and others who need audio material converted to text. Typing up paperwork and keeping records are additional responsibilities. There are internet employment for remote transcriptionists.

National average salary: $34,270 per year

Driver (Independent Contractor)

Main responsibilities: It is the driver’s responsibility to transport passengers from the place of pick-up to the destination under an independent contractor agreement. When it comes to accepting ride requests, using GPS and maps to find locations, and collecting cash payments when needed, they collaborate with ride-sharing services. Conditions for this job contract will normally include a valid driving licence, an insured car in acceptable functioning order and a spotless driving record.

National average salary: $38,231 per year


Main responsibilities: Infants, toddlers, and small children are cared for by a babysitter or nanny while their parents are out of town. Bathing and clothing the children, cooking and feeding them, assisting with homework when needed, and keeping the youngsters engaged and safe are their main responsibilities. The cleaning of the dining room and play area as well as the potential night-time bedtime for the kids fall under the purview of babysitters.

National average salary: $57,656 per year 


Main responsibilities: The fundamental accounting procedures for a business are managed by the bookkeeper. In addition to creating financial reports, their duties also include keeping track of all incoming and outgoing financial transactions and reconciling ledger entries.

National average salary: $50,820 per year


Main responsibilities: During regular school hours, a tutor is in charge of instructing and supporting pupils with their homework. As a tutor, it is your responsibility to plan a tutoring schedule that will support your students’ academic success. Additionally, you are in charge of evaluating their performance in class, coming up with useful tasks, identifying any problem areas, and coming up with solutions.

National average salary: $39,217 per year 

Fitness instructor

Main responsibilities: In order to assist clients in achieving their fitness objectives, fitness instructors offer them physical instruction. This can be carried out at a house or at a gym. In addition to offering step-by-step instructions on a variety of fitness exercises and routines, their roles also include advising customers on good exercise technique, inspiring them, and guaranteeing their safety.

National average salary: $48,516 per year 

Virtual Assistant

Main responsibilities: Working remotely, a virtual assistant is in charge of answering calls, sending emails, scheduling meetings, booking trips, and maintaining social media profiles. In addition, scheduling and creating invoices and receipts are part of their responsibilities.

National average salary: $40,842 per year.

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