How to apply to be a permanent resident in Canada

How to apply to be a permanent resident in Canada

Express Entry is the main way to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker. Canada welcomes about 110,000 Express Entry immigrants per year. In January 2015, the Canadian government launched a fresh electronic immigration system that provides express entry to Canada for skilled and qualified immigrants. What Is Express Entry?

The newest Express Entry program will manage applications for permanent residence for immigrants who are able to fill jobs where there are deficiencies in available skilled Canadian workers. (View LMIA information for a related topic as well.)





Thousands of Immigrants Receive Permanent Residence in Canada Annually Through Express Entry

The Canadian government has recognized the fact Canada requires new immigrants to meet up future labor market needs and to simply help ensure the country’s long-term economic growth and prosperity.

The brand new system enables Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to proactively assess, recruit and select immigrants who’re skilled and/or possess the relevant qualifications under federal economic immigration programs: Federal Skilled Worker Program, The Federal Skilled Trades Program, The Canadian Experience Class.

The Express Entry program will even allow individual provinces and territories to utilize the system to be able to recruit suitable candidates included in the Provincial Nominee Programs to ensure that labor market demands are met.


How to Qualify for Express Entry

How to apply to be a permanent resident in Canada

Before applying for Express Entry you will have to qualify by obtaining 67 or even more points on a 100-point scale system.

There’s a selection factor that assesses and assigns applicants enthusiastic about Express Entry a standard score out of 100.

If you score over 67 points you might qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker Program

If you score below 67 points you won’t qualify for the program.

How Express Entry Works:

Step 1: Potential candidates fill out an online Express Entry form.

Candidates that are interested in the Express Entry Canada program can complete an online profile that will include various facts about themselves, including their skills, language ability, education, and previous work experience, among others.

Step 2: The Government will invite successful candidates and permanent residency will be processed within 6 months.

Those ranking highly in the pool (based on skills, experience, eligible job offers, and relevant nominations where applicable) will likely then be invited to apply for permanent residency through an ITA (Invitation to Apply).

Candidates who’ve requested the Express Entry Canada program but who’re not invited to apply for permanent residency after a year may then resubmit their profile and re-enter the pool, provided they’re still entitled to the program.

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